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hi, i’m johanna!

☻ & <3

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"When we first came across Jo's work, we were blown away not only by her incredible design capabilities but also by her heart for this work. She has a unique and playful point of view and undeniable talent. We've worked with Jo for the last year and a half, and she's been an indispensable asset to our team."

-Claire Biggs & Jennie Armstrong, Lore de Force


about jo

I’m an Illinois native currently living in East Lansing, Michigan, attending Michigan State University. (Go Green!) My first encounter with the world of design was through an Aaron Draplin Skillshare class. The rest is history.

Quick tidbits:

  • Supports the BBQ chips-on-sandwich movement.

  • Once welded a bike rack.

  • Listens to Taylor Swift’s old stuff.

  • Currently on the lookout for leather pants. 

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